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What We Do Our Escrow Company

California Investors Escrow ensures the highest level of integrity providing assurance to our clients. We rely on cutting edge technology to ensure your privacy and security. Licensed by the State of California Department of Oversight, bonded by Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation, vetted by Secure Insight, and is in compliance with all current escrow regulations. As required under the California Financial Code, California Investors Escrow obtains the services of independent Certified Public Accountants to audit its records and operations on a yearly basis, and they are submitted to the Department of Business Oversight for its review and approval. Our escrow employees also meet the requirements with a background check reviewed by the Department of Justice under the strict requirements of the Department of Oversight and Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation to protect consumers and lending agencies from any misuse of funds or documents held in trust by the escrow company.

California Investors Escrow offers full service expertise to handle residential, commercial and industrial resale and refinance escrow transactions, FHA, VA, CalVet transactions, notary services, and messenger services throughout Southern California. Licensed by the Department of Oversight by the State of California, and operates under license number 9630453.